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We are a small charity based in Bow, East London

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Rainbow Way Secondary School

Secondary School “Vaivorykštes takas” (“Rainbow Way”)

Klaipeda Vineyard Community

Vynuogynas Klaipedoje, or Vineyard Klaipeda, is a Christian community in Lithuanian’s third-largest city, Klaipėda. We are a young community and our goal is to help people to come to know God, in a relaxed and non-judgemental environment.

"Start" Prison Academy

“Start“ Academy is a Christian, non-governmental organization founded to offer prisoners deeper personal and spiritual growth opportunities in Lithuanian prisons.
We are a small charity based in Bow, East London. Started in September 2003 by two friends - Daiva (Lithuanian) and Sally (English) it aims to bring material help to families on low income. This ministry is based on friendships - we collect things from our friends and families in London and pass them unto friends and families in Lithuania. Very simple, but very effective! We focus not only on Lithuania, but also on our local community in East London as well - our primary target is single parent families. This is our small contribution to Making Poverty History. Even though Sally and Daiva come from different cultures and different backgrounds - what we have in common is our Christian faith which united us and inspired us to start this ministry. And if we can do it, then anybody can!