Rainbow Way School

Secondary School “Vaivorykštės takas” (“Rainbow Way”)

Send it to Lithuania is helping to equip the school’s English language library. Daiva has special feelings for this school since she worked here as an English language teacher herself. We take pride in the fact that according to the school’s English language teachers this school has the largest number of children’s books in English language in the whole Klaipeda city! Our special thanks to Elaine Ashford and Tessa Oram for bringing books and videos from as far as Dartford and New Malden. The Dixon family donate children’s books, video and audio tapes on a regular basis.

In addition to helping the school to equip their English language library, we are looking for financial donations as this school underwent a major refurbishment. Our special thanks to Bow Baptist Church and its pastor Oliver Rice and his family. Not only this church blessed Rainbow Way School financially on several occasions, but its congregation also regularly prays for school as well.

To read more about Secondary School “Vaivorykštės takas” (Rainbow Way”) please visit the school website.

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