Vineyard Klaipeda

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Kel and Sharon Fowler – a couple from New Zealand – moved to Lithuania to start a Vineyard Community in Klaipėda city. They were sent out by St David’s – the Maker’s Place in Dunedin, New Zealand, and by the KOG Church (former Glasgow Central Fellowship) in Scotland, which licensed Kel as a pastor in 2002.

Vynuogynas Klaipėdoje, or Vineyard Klaipėda, is a Christian community in Lithuanian’s third-largest city, Klaipėda. We are a young community and our goal is to help people to come to know God, in a relaxed and non-judgemental environment. The poor and broken of the world often struggle to hear or understand the love of Christ. So rather than communicate in a language they don’t understand, we choose to show it by serving them. We are motivated by our love of Christ and our God-given compassion for them. So that is why we choose to serve and live our lives alongside these people. We have weekly Bible studies, share God’s love at a local orphanage, enjoy spending time together at places including cafes and saunas, and are learning more about living a lifestyle of worship. We enjoy fellowship with other Lithuanian Vineyards and are overseen by the Benelux Vineyards.

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