Music Lessons

Music Lessons at Klaipeda Orphanage

Vynuogynas Klaipedoje (Vineyard Klaipeda) helps at a Government orphanage in the city. There are at least three Government orphanages, one Government baby home, two special needs schools and a private children’s home in this city of about 200,000 people.

A while ago, we noticed that one of the girls loved live music and when we asked, she said she would like to learn to play the guitar. God provided some money and eventually a teacher for this, and so she started. She didn’t like learning the guitar, but has now switched to the piano and is enjoying this.

Meanwhile, her friend showed an interest in learning the guitar. God has also provided the money and a teacher for this, and now she is learning the guitar! She seems to love it. God has recently also provided her with the loan of an old guitar.

We love how God shows his love for those living in orphanages, in some such ways. We are grateful to those who give, who pray and for the two excellent teachers. We thank God also for our helper, Reda, who has organised the teachers and lessons. Please join with us in praying that God continues to show his love to these girls, and all the orphanage children.

The piano and guitar lessons provide these girls with an opportunity to develop skills, to enjoy music and making music, to interact with healthy adult role models and to feel that little bit special. In an orphanage of about 80 children, our prayer is that all the children would feel that extra bit special, in some way!

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