People Who Influenced Me

Art DeFehr – president of Palliser ®, Canada’s leading home furniture manufacturer. As a student I had the privilege to visit his home and factory in Winnipeg, Canada. I have always admired this Christian millionaire’s willingness to share his profits with communities around the world. Art and Leona DeFehr are one of the main founders of Lithuania Christian College – the thriving educational institution from which I graduated.

John and Violet Rademaker – pastors at Winnipeg Centre Vineyard. John was a professional entrepreneur, founding 3 businesses, and corporate president for 40 years when he left the corporate world to serve the needy and destitute of Winnipeg. I was personally touched by Violet’s generosity when in their church she pressed into my palm CA $100 note. She did not even know me – all she knew was that I wanted to buy some Vineyard worship music, but did not have any money. This happened over 10 years ago, but it still touches my heart when I remember it.

Jackie PullingerChristian missionary. As a young woman Jackie gave up so many things in 1966 to work in one of the poorest, filthiest and most dangerous places in the world – Hong Kong’s infamous Walled City. I have always admired this woman’s obedience to God and her courage to work alongside drug addicts and gang members while putting herself in great danger.

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