One of the reasons why people choose to bring their donations to Send it to Lithuania is because they know exactly where their things are going and who the people are who benefit from their generosity. We receive thank-you letters and photographs from people in Lithuania and once a year Daiva gives a formal update on the charity at the Mum’s The Word Bible study group. Donors find it very rewarding to know who are using their things and how much they are being blessed by them. Here we include some testimonies and thank-you letters.


I was so much delighted and blessed to read about Daiva’s and her friends’ heart for Lithuania and God’s ways to bless many families providing good quality clothes. My family was also blessed in such a way. The situation in Lithuania is such that even if your income is higher than average, buying clothes and shoes is quite a challenge. This is especially true when we are talking about children and baby clothes. They are way too expensive! Therefore, when I was pregnant with my first child, I was very happy to learn that there is a system among mothers to share their children clothes just for a bar of chocolate as a way of gratitude. Thus, when I received my first bag of baby clothes I planned to save them for some time hoping to use them for my first son and then for the second (as I planned). But God has quite a good sense of humour as the first child was a boy and the second…a girl 🙂 So, the ‘boyish’ baby clothes had to go. Thankfully, as God gave me a daughter he also provided her with lovely baby girl clothes through Daiva.

One day as I was picking up some baby clothes, Daiva’s mother clothed me with a warm autumn jacket, something that I was looking for unsuccessfully for a few years .

I would also like to mention a beautiful white picture that my baby daughter received as a present. The picture is with small details glued and framed behind a glass – the type of pictures I have greatly admired while visiting a friend in UK a long time ago. It is amazing how God pays attention to our secret heart desires and makes them true even through our children. As my family has been blessed we are planning to get involved more with distributing the clothes we are to receive from UK and use them to bless local communities.


Dear Ladies

We are greatly thankful to you for your loving and generous hearts. My oldest daughter Marija has started primary school this September. I do not have to worry about her clothes because you have made her very beautiful. My second daughter Guoda has a few bags of clothes to grow into because your hearts are full of love and desire to help ohters. You have blessed not only me, but also my husband, my sister, my mother-in-law, and my numerous friends with their children.

Because you give me, I am able to give to others and that brings so much joy to my heart. It is so important in Lithuania to dress well.

I would like to thank your husbands as well. They have to work hard so that we could make ourselves beautiful through you.

Once again we are truly grateful to you. We love you even though we have never seen you. That is so wonderful!

May God refresh your hearts and fill them with joy and peace.

Audra, Romas, Marija and Guoda


Dear Ladies

Thank you very much for the joy you have given me!

All your gifts I accept as gifts from the hands of God.

I know that He cares for us very much and He wonderfully uses other people to express His love. Daiva and you are these people in my life whom God uses to reveal His Father heart to me.

Clothes addressed to me in one of the previous bags that you sent to Lithuania fitted me perfectly and were exactly what I needed at that time. That was fantastic and nobody would be able to convince me that it was a coincidence. We know very well who takes care about these things.

Thank you very much and may God take care of you and may He meet all your needs.

Kristina from KlaipÄ—da

Secondary School “Vaivorykstes takas”  (“Rainbow Way”)


Dear Peter & Sally, 

Dear Iona, Callum, Ross and Honor,

Thank you so much for your great love expressed to our school through financial and material help. We are so blessed by you. Thank you so much. The money we have received were so on time. It is such a great thing to know that God remembers us through different people.

I am English teacher and I would like to thank you for the books you have sent to our school. Children love to look through and read English books. Especially they love to come to the library and choose a book to read. I do it as an encouragement for the very well done work. They feel proud and happy when I let them choose a book to read.

Thank you once more for everything. Let God give to you hundred times more than you give to us.

With love,

Children and teachers of Rainbow Way Secondary School

School Head Teacher Dziuljeta GecienÄ—

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