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Daiva’s Story

In July 2003 my daughter Rebekah and I went to Lithuania to visit our family and friends. While sharing about her life one of my friends casually said: “We didn’t eat meat last winter” (She meant they were struggling financially and simply could not afford such a luxury as meat.)

When I came back to London I remembered this sentence and thought to myself that I should do something about that. I talked to my friend Sally and we decided to send clothes, toys, books and anything we could to Lithuania to help those who are struggling financially. Then Sally brought some things that her family did not need anymore – children’s clothes, some videos and books. I packed them all in laundry bags and sent them to my friends in Lithuania. They were very surprised to receive these things for free. A few months later we did it again. This time more people brought their donations for Lithuania. We are especially grateful to ladies from Mum’s The Word Bible study group at East London Tabernacle Baptist Church who not only became involved in this ministry themselves, but spread the word among their friends who donated their items for our charity as well. I packed more bags and sent them. More people in Lithuania were blessed by good quality clothes, shoes, children’s games and books. Please go to Testimonies page to read the stories.

It has been more than ten years since we started our charity. We have sent at least 200 big laundry bags to Lithuania. People who receive our donations belong to variety of Christian churches in Klaipeda and other towns of Lithuania  – Klaipeda City Church, Klaipeda Vineyard Community, Pentecostal Church,  Silute Free Christian Church,  and we also give out donations to people who do not belong to any church at all. Our aim is to help all those who need help. We are also helping “Rainbow Way” Secondary School in Klaipėda and LCF Evangelical Bible Institute in Panevėžys.

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